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Punya Arora

 Gurgaon   Hinglish   Stand Up Comedy

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Indian Toothpaste Ads | Stand up comedy by Punya Arora | Canvas Laugh Club


A perfect combination of a South Indian and a Punjabi Punya Arora is a professional photographer and ultimate comedian. Did we forget to tell you that she is an expert Biryani cook too? She loves following butterflies in the day time and chasing dreams of stand-up at dusk. Her observational light-hearted and multi-accent comedy is her USP and her audience simply adore her for this. In a short span of one year she has succeeded to have her hands on some of the major stand-up stages in Bangalore and has her effort noticed and covered by various forms of media such as radio and print and Buzzfeed an online channel. She follows her principles and that’s why she never does wedding shoots. She loves doing underwater shoots and likes exploring the world by travelling in different corners of the country. She is also a visiting faculty at Light and Life Academy Ooty.