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Biswa Kalyan Rath

 Mumbai   Hinglish   Stand Up Comedy

Social Reach:
 Facebook: 205K   Twitter: 1.6M   Youtube: 466K  

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Biswa Kalyan Rath - Cricket and Me
Biswa Kalyan Rath - Uber and Me


Who can forget the hilarious and witty Bollywood movies’ reviews by a popular YouTube channel - Pretentious Movie Reviews? Biswa Kalyan Rath the face that emerged out from PMR is now a full-fledged comedian who with his prowess in comedy is escalating new heights in his career. The never-heard-before jokes he cracked are the outcome of his IIT-Bombay education love for mathematics command over language and experiences of life. Popular by the pseudonym ‘Mast Aadmi’ due to his recently released comedy special Biswa is among the most-followed comedians of India. He also garnered much applause and appreciation for his relatively dark web-series namely ‘Laakon Mein Ek’ based on the IIT coaching industry. His ability to tickle every single nerve of the audiences and to make them jump on their seats due to laughter makes him the hot favourite of the crowd with 14+ million views on YouTube. He can turn any random topic into comedy gold thanks to his angry rant-style delivery and out of the league thinking. Apart from being a comedian Biswa is also a writer actor and blogger and sometimes he loves to work out to maintain his size-zero physique.