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About Comedy Munch

Serving as the largest Stand-up comedy platform for the budding funny bones, take Comedy Munch as the much-needed spice to add taste to your boring everyday life. Yes, you may call us the “Garam Masala”! Being the only online medium for Stand-up comedy, we work day and night (don’t take it literally please as we are in love with sleep too) to satisfy your comic cravings.

Oh No No No! We don’t serve a single cuisine but a platter full of Continental, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, etc. prepared using Indian spices. So, apart from stand-ups we also provide a huge stack of nerve tickling movie scenes, unforgettable Kavi sammelans, gags and funny pranks along with other comedy munchies.

Amit Tandon, Jeeveshu Ahluwalia, Abhijit Ganguly, Manish Tyagi, Anshu Mor, Neeti Palta, Parvinder Singh, Jaspreet Singh, Nishant Tanwar and more such fine actors are a part of our team who at some point of time have ruled your heart with their perfect comedy timings.

Just like ‘thanda matlab Coca-Cola’, you will remind us as – humour matlab Comedy Munch!

Too much of self-praise? Well, we are not to be blamed but our employees who never allowed us to behave like a corporate. They are not ready to leave us (we think they’ll plan a retirement party from here) and work together as a big happy family (sounds a bit filmy na?). Sometimes with their PJs, they behave they are the king/queen of comedy but nonetheless, they are our pillars of strength.

What's New at Comedy Munch?

1) Bandipun:

Munching on our more than average success, Comedy Munch had yet another fun idea and is now all set to grow the culture in India. With our latest offering बंदी-Pun, a women’s collective, we are gearing to be the best in live entertainment. Read More

2) StageTime:

Our initiative StageTime intends to tell incredible stories, poetry, music, dance and much more. So, anyone can take the stage and talk or sing and show their talent. Our goal is to make it an open platform for one and all. Read more

3) We are Munching Happiness at Work

Comedy Munch aims to provide and support employee attraction and retention initiatives and achieve the following goals

  • Reduce workplace stress.
  • Improve employee motivation.
  • Improve creativity and Innovation.
  • Better team engagement: Humor is humanizing and allows both employees and managers to come together.

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