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Munching Happiness Through Humour

We can help you find the best artist for your private or corporate events. As we are connected and work closely with 300+ comics, musicians, poets, anchors, speakers including established and young and promising talent to bring happiness in your life.

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Bandi-Pun is our another funny idea, it’s a women’s collective, is all ready to face the music and the laughter and providing a space for female comedians to take this art form ahead.

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Stage Time is a platform for all the poets, dancers, singers, storytellers, musicians & much more to showcase their talent online in their own voice and actions.

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Happiness @ Work
Kalakaksh - Talent House

Motive behind the Kalakaksh is very simple to create a talent-service marketplace for all poets, story tellers, singers, musicians, youtubers, bands, comedians, dancers and much more; where all kinds of talents are equally recognised, and respected

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Happiness @ Work

Life can not be serious all the time. We hereby believe in creating a more relaxed and a more engaging workplace with happier & more productive employees. We are offering Happiness for your business.

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Toilet, Tinder and Tissue Paper Standup Comedy By Harmeet Singh Kohli | Comedy Munch

195137 views  3 : 52

Vote The Hell | Trailer| Abijit Ganguly| Ankita Srivastav| Ravi Gupta| Jeeveshu Ahluwalia|

3539 views  1 : 6

Modi Ji, Rahul Gandhi & Rakhi Sawant - Stand Up Comedy by Amar

7129 views  4 : 32

Kidnapping & Nashe StandUp Comedy by Milind Kapoor | ComedyMunch

18225 views  5 : 37

दिखावटी सा है यह मोह तुम्हारा - Poetry by Love Prashar | Stagetime | ComedyMunch

4674 views  2 : 4

Irfan Tarique Khan's Ghazal aur Khayal | Stagetime | ComedyMunch

1054 views  6 : 18

'Anjum Ki Siyaahi' - Slam Poetry | Faizan Anjum | Stagetime, ComedyMunch

3631 views  8 : 54

"रोने दे! " -  Shabdon ka Pitara by Zeest | Stagetime, ComedyMunch

4655 views  7 : 11


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